Our Clients


Awaken&More is developing a new communication strategy for Social Impact Factory. It focuses primarily on the efficiency and attractiveness of the website. Next to that, our Social Impact Consultants will create new visual materials for, inter alia, presentations.

Awaken&More helped goodmapp creating a branding strategy to engage people to its social business and raise awareness. We did this by conducting research on the phenomenon of trendsetting. Who are potential trendsetters for goodmapp? How and where could they be used effectively? These were central questions that formed the core of the strategy.

Sociale Wijkteam van de Gemeente Zaanstad
Awaken&More is conducting research in the Rosmolenwijk in Zaandam, part of the municipality of Zaanstad. This research concerns the identification of problems that are related to the weak social structure in the area. By identifying these problems, Awaken&More will propose strategies for strengthening the social structure.

Awaken&More created a roadmap for BreadCycle to restructure and professionalize its business and core activities. Moreover, an analysis will be conducted to identify the potential expansion of BreadCycle’s activities to new cities.

Awaken&More is working on a financial plan for Adventures of the Valparaíso, which will enable them to attract potential investors and sponsors for their social initiative.