Consulting Services

Awaken&More is a non-profit consultancy for non-profit and social enterprises. Our Social Impact Consultants are highly skilled students with a drive for social impact. We want to create social impact by using our expertise in business related subjects that stems from having worked for large organizations such as EY, ABN AMRO, Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship, VU University, Mercedes-Benz and Bosch. We believe that our expertise in business related subjects can create a real difference. Awaken&More taps into unexplored terrain to awaken hidden potential.

  • Marketing Research

Awaken&More conducts research on your target group and on your partner organizations. With this, we can help you tailoring your services, benefiting from other organizations, and be more effective.

  • Marketing Strategy

Awaken&More offers tailored solutions that deliver results and achieve sustained awareness and growth to reach long-term structural efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Performance Improvement

Awaken&More enables social enterprises to grow and reposition quickly while transforming challenges into opportunities.

  • Organization

Awaken&More helps you to align your entire organization and your structure so you can successfully reach your goals.

  • Digital

Awaken&More delivers digital solutions and strategies to make your organization more visible and more effective online.

  • Sustainability

Awaken&More identifies opportunities of social enterprises to make sustainability more effective and efficient.

  • Innovation

Awaken&More awakens innovation and assists in developing solutions to deliver maximum social impact. We aim for practicability and sustainability.

  • Finance

Awaken&More assists you in achieving more with your scarce resources. We create intelligent and effective solutions that assure growth and reduced costs of social enterprises and organizations.